Julie Siracusa: The Ocean Artist

Julie Siracusa: The Ocean Artist

My passion is all about the beach and the ocean. I am Julie Siracusa, The Ocean Artist. The feeling you get when you are at the beach or out on the water is why I paint the ocean. So, I hope you feel the breeze, smell the salty air, and take the plunge into the ocean, right there along with me!

julie siracusa 1For every original painting sold, a new reef system is started. I am passionate about saving our oceans and reefs. This is why my artist partnership with No Shoes Reefs continues to influence my work. As a result, I’ve become a student of sea life.

Keys in the Conch Shell by Kenny Chesney was playing on my studio radio back in 2020. I do love Kenny’s island tunes! And there I was, having a Caribb on the shore of Megan’s Bay, hanging with my friends. Living the life!

I looked up from the ocean art I was painting and dialed up Kenny on Instagram. My work as an artist was about to dramatically change. Kenny’s No Shoes Reefs non-profit had just been launched. I knew at that moment this was what I was supposed to do. So, right then, I offered my artistic services. It was my way to give back to the oceans that I love, the inspiration of my art.

It was meant to be. As the artist partner of No Shoes Reefs, I have become a student of the oceans and sea life. Every project teaches me a new lesson about our coral reefs’ ecosystems. I do love sharing all that I learn with you.

No Shoes Reefs has inspired an organic evolution of my work. Sea life has arrived on my canvases. My Vitamin Sea Series is now alive. Each new sea creature teaches me yet another layer of how our reefs’ sea creatures are interconnected. Anyone removed will throw the life cycle out of balance.

So now, with every piece of original art sold, a new reef is planted by No Shoes Reefs nonprofit.

Join me in celebrating and saving the reefs. Learn more at www.NoShoesReefs.org Check out my Ocean Alive and my Vitamin Sea series at www.JulieSiracua.com