Crystall Corroy Ste. Marie

Crystall Corroy is an artist whose style of painting is more than a visual representation of an object or a scene. She paints intuitively, using her emotions to guide color and layers of textured oils, blending together feelings and pigments.

Julie Siracusa: The Ocean Artist

My passion is all about the beach and the ocean. I am Julie Siracusa, The Ocean Artist. The feeling you get when you are at the beach or out on the water is why I paint the ocean. So, I hope you feel the breeze, smell the salty air, and take the plunge into the ocean, right there along with me!

Angie Vincent and the Mardi Gras Musketeers

Angie Vincent and the Mardi Gras Musketeers are a group of artists and designers that have been serving the Lafayette area Mardi Gras krewes for over 15 years. Best known for their exquisite Mardi Gras costume design and fabrication, it takes an incredible team of musketeers to make the magic happen. Each headpiece, costume and train is meticulously designed with great attention to detail, which makes each piece a unique work of art. It is this attention to detail that makes the Mardi Gras Musketeers’ work so special. In addition to costuming, Angie also does face and body painting, home décor, paint parties, and decorates themed events and ball night tables. No matter the project or medium, the Mardi Gras Musketeers can most certainly meet all of your Mardi Gras needs.

Tony Bernard

Louisiana Artist Tony Bernard has a passion for Cajun culture, and that passion is evident in each of his works of art. Bernard has a vibrant color palette and unique style, evoking feelings of happiness and Cajun pride. He is internationally known for his many award-winning festival posters, postage stamps, portraits, billboards and more. While in the Lafayette area, stop by Bernard Studio and Gallery to see his work.

Paula Tregre

Paula Tregre is an up-and-coming Louisiana artist who offers unique, original artwork in a variety of techniques and styles to help achieve the atmosphere you want in your home or office. The Mandeville artist was born and raised in Southwest Louisiana and has always had a love for color and being creative. Her work is heavily influenced by music, local culture, and life experiences.