Adventure on the Water: Pack & Paddle: Gateway to the Great Outdoors

Pack & Paddle is more than an equipment and apparel store — it’s a resource for outdoor enthusiasts to find the best places to explore the beauty of Louisiana’s swamps, marshes, forests and streams. “From clear creeks that are a little bit north of us, to the coast and marshes, there’s just every type of paddling here,” owner John Williams said. “We live in a world class area for it.”

Go Hog Wild: Cajun Harley Davidson

Spring is here in South Louisiana and with that comes riding season for motorcycle enthusiasts. April generally launches large group rides, rallies and other events for bikers nationwide.

Atchafalaya Basin Landing Airboat Swamp Tours: Exploring Louisiana Swamps

Since 1999, Tucker Friedman has owned and operated Atchafalaya Basin Landing Airboat Swamp Tours with his family. Tourists have traveled to the Atchafalaya Basin from all over the world to be regaled with his funny, educational, and heartfelt stories about the swamp he grew up in. “Even though I’m on the water giving tours every day, it is special each time I experience it through the eyes of a person seeing the sheer beauty of the Atchafalaya Basin for the first time,” Friedman said. Locals also makeup a significant portion of the business, many of whom have never taken a swamp
tour, including local regulars who visit seasonally to enjoy the changing ecosystem.