Ready for Take-off: Lafayette’s New Airport Soars in 2022

And when the Lafayette Regional Airport executive director uses the word future, he quickly adds linguistic relatives such as expansion, growth, and most fitting for the state-of-the-art terminal, tomorrow. You see, as much as Picou wants to make a difference for today’s travelers, he also wants to be ready for the travelers yet to come.

Ready for the Snowboarding Challenge: Baton Rouge Native Becomes Paralympic Champion

“Am I a role model?” asks Brenna Huckaby, pondering my question. “I’m not ignorant that people are looking at me, so there’s definitely a level of that. And while I didn’t put myself in that role … I am constantly trying to better myself.” The argument could be made that Huckaby’s simple refusal to quit on life — even when she had her right leg amputated when she was 14 — is the ultimate way of trying to better herself. To not quit, when many would understand if she did? That is the stuff of heroes.

When the Shark Bites... Great Things Happening for Jeanerette Boat Builders

Acadiana's Metal Shark is one of the nation’s most prolific and diversified boat and ship builders, producing over 200 vessels a year for operators in a wide range of markets around the world. The company’s customers include the United States Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Air Force, the militaries of over 30 U.S. allies, and multiple law enforcement agencies, fire departments, passenger vessel operators, pilot associations, and even the occasional civilian client.

No Boundaries: Shooting for the Stars and Mars

"I DIDN’T KNOW ANYTHING AT ALL ABOUT SPACE," explained 19-year-old Alyssa Carson. “And I really just started asking questions, looking at books, videos and posters — just anything about space.” But why? From where did this spark and passion for stars, planets, galaxies and more come? “The only reason we can think of is an episode of “The Backyardigans” because it had an episode called “Mission to Mars.””