Grillin’ with the Guru: Cajun Grilling Techniques at Their Finest

Grillin’ with the Guru: Cajun Grilling Techniques at Their Finest

The word is getting out about a couple of guys on local television that bring all the grill has to offer right to you. See what all the buzz is about on their grilling show on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m., anytime online at or on their Facebook page at

Keith Guidry, of Percy Guidry Hearth and Patio fame, is one-half of the dynamic duo. Keith has been a grill enthusiast all his life. On the show, Keith’s incredible personality comes right through the screen, and while he’s sure to tickle your funny bone he definitely knows his way around a grill. From cooking temperature to base and accent woods for the perfect fire, Keith shares his lifetime of grilling knowledge with the audience. Curt Guillory makes up the other half of the show.

Curt’s expansive knowledge of food and cooking techniques is always on display. If you want to know the “why” behind the technique, Curt’s your guy. From denaturing proteins, to the Maillard reaction, to what pâte a choux means (it’s cabbage paste), Curt is always dropping knowledge bombs as to why they do what they do, and how it can make you a better cook.

Grillin’ with the Guru isn’t just about crazy food. According to the gurus themselves, “We want to show everyone how to make the most of what they already have.”

Love-n-Honey Poulet

The sweet, natural flavor of honey is a perfect accent to the rich and spicy chicken. Use a meat thermometer to make sure the chicken isn’t overcooked. The perfect temperature is 165-170° in the thickest part of the breast.

Louisiana Love Potion #10 Injector Marinade
1 chicken Fryer (4-5lbs) Louisiana Love Seasoning Blends
16 ozs. Local honey
2 teaspoons Rosemary (dried, or 1 tablespoon fresh, chopped)
½ cup Dry white wine
2 cups Rice
1-16 oz. can Coconut milk
16 ozs. Water
½ cup White onion (chopped)
1-16 oz. bag Frozen mixed vegetables
3 ea. Bell pepper (red, yellow, green)
Olive oil

1. Split, or spatchcock, chicken and inject with Louisiana Love Potion #10 in several locations (breasts, thighs, legs, wings).
2. Season the outside and cavity with Louisiana Love Seasoning Blends.
3. Place skin side up over slow, hardwood fire for about one hour.
4. Place honey, wine, Louisiana Love, and rosemary in a small, heavy pot and heat until boiling.
5. Cook mixture for about 7 minutes, then remove from heat.
6. Brush chicken with mixture several times while it cooks.
7. Rinse rice, place in suitable pan, add coconut milk, water, and Louisiana Love Seasoning Blends. Cover pan and place on grill for 7-10 minutes until rice is cooked.
8. Sauté onion and mixed vegetables in heavy skillet with a little olive oil until onions are clear.
9. Add mixture to rice, stir, taste and adjust seasoning.
10. Seed and slice bell pepper, coat lightly with oil and sauté or grill until slightly charred, but still al denté.
11. Make bed with rice mixture, top with peppers. Add cooked chicken and top with remaining honey sauce.