The Rouge Krewe: Sought-after Party Band Gels Musically, With Experiential Extras For Its Dancing Fans

The Rouge Krewe: Sought-after Party Band Gels Musically, With Experiential Extras For Its Dancing Fans

A storm pelted the grounds of an historic home in Natchez, Mississippi, hours before The Rouge Krewe was to play for a wedding reception crowd — less than ideal for an outdoor event.
“The rain stopped, but the mud stayed. So much mud on the dance floor,” rhythm guitarist and trombonist Jacob Trcalek said. “But it all came together. They had a blast, plenty of  dancing.”

Always a source of good times, the nine-member band moves audiences through its fun, energetic renditions of party songs that span Motown, ‘60s and ‘70s rock, disco, funk, rhythm and blues, and hits from the ‘80s, ‘90s, and 2000s. “We have two powerful, charismatic lead singers, a loud and punctual horn section, and a groovy rhythm section,” drummer Matt Cobb said.

The Rouge Krewe has become a sought-after party band since forming in 2019. Their onstage antics, offstage shenanigans when mingling with the audience, sing-alongs, and interactive show and lights have taken them from their home base in Lafayette, La., to areas along the Gulf Coast, including nightclubs, weddings, casinos, private events and Mardi Gras balls.

Every performance is a constant flow of energy with the audience and band members feeding off each other. “We try to provide people with a show and experience, rather than just a band playing music,” Cobb said. Most band members have full-time jobs, but it is their passion for music and entertaining that seamlessly tie them together onstage.

In addition to Trcalek and Cobb, members include Miguel Gonzalez on trumpet, lead singers Kailey Dressel and Jared Price, Eric Dupre on bass, David Lea on saxophone, Blake Pujol on guitar, and Samuel Sphar on keyboard.

“It’s always a contagious enjoyment for us. We all love what we do and respect each other,” Sphar said, with Cobb adding, “When we get on stage, there’s a good chemistry with  everybody, and that’s a huge factor in our ability to gel and perform so well together.”

The band’s wardrobe is as wide-ranging as its music — country and western outfits, custom baseball jerseys, suits and ties, rock star-inspired attire, and more. And they don’t just play music. For the complete experience, they offer a photo booth, monogram projection, architectural lighting, CO2 blast (fog), and a New Orleans second line.

While the band has expanded its reach along the Gulf Coast, The Rouge Crew will soon broaden its horizons by taking the party “even farther along the coast,” Cobb said. “Come prepared to sweat, dance, sing and leave with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”