Nebu Nezey: Our Own Backyard Queen of Soul

Nebu Nezey: Our Own Backyard Queen of Soul

This past year, as with every year, Nebu Nezey and her family ended 2020 by doing something special for the children in her community. Nezey and her husband, Brandon, bring toys to children in their community so they can have a special Christmas. The family actually goes out shopping, chooses age-specific toys, personally wrapping each one, and heads over to the Northgate Mall where children of all ages can celebrate the magic of Christmas.

It’s something you might not expect from a husband who is a multi-platinum producer for Cupid, whose projects and success at Hub City Studios in Lafayette are endless. And Nebu Nezey is on a successful merry-go-round when it comes to her own musical career. You might find her fronting the corporate wedding band, “Sold Out.” She is often featured at the Blue Monday Concert Series, and she performs her own music from her album, Nebula.

The couple are some of the hardest working people in our community, but they always give back.

Nebu is a highly skilled vocalist, who has always had music in her veins. As a toddler, it was inevitable that she would be an entertainer. Her influences are diverse — Whitney Houston, SWV, Queen, Cathy Dennis, Chaka Kahn, Donny Hathaway, and Selena — giving way to her unique sound. She is grateful to the “Most High” for her many blessings as she has toured as an opening act for mainstream artists like Ginuwine, Avant, Urban Mystic, Jon B., and Bruh-Man from the Martin TV show.

The Nebula album brings her music to the forefront of many stages. She was able to collaborate with Grammy award-winner Lee Allen Zeno and multi-platinum artist Cupid on two tracks off of Nebula.

“Giving my best is something I will always do, no matter what,” she said. “I don’t care if it’s an audience of 5 or 5,000, I’ll give my best show. If someone was curious enough to support me, I won’t take that for granted.”

Last week, the multi-platinum Grammy winning artist Neyo put Nezey’s music on his Stay Lit playlist. With fans all over the world, the nod from Neyo gives a new audience to our very own soulful Queen.

Music, Nezey describes, is only a part of who she is. She will quickly tell you that she is a mama first and believes it’s important to maintain consistency in her children’s lives.
“Whether it’s my own kids or anyone I mentor, my message is clear — know and trust your dopeness,” she said.

The multi-faceted Nebu Nezey is often noted for her many accomplishments. But you rarely hear about the grind — the daily vocal regiment, gigging on a Saturday night, followed by leading worship on Sunday morning, all while keeping mom duties and her faith in God at the forefront. That’s because she takes it all in stride and lets the talent in each area of her life speak for itself.

This past year, those children receiving gifts from the Nezey family may not have known who made their Christmas a little more special. But in quiet humbleness, Mama Nezey is putting in the work in all facets of her life to teach everyone she meets — in her musical audiences, in her church congregation, and for the children of need she blesses each holiday season – to trust their own, inner dopeness.